Release Notes - Master Branch

Release Notes for version 2020-09-24-1025 in branch 'master':

  • Image rotation fix

Release Notes for version 2020-09-21-0706 in branch 'master':

  • Display API-GW-URL in settings page
  • Increased lambda execution time for main API fn
  • Image resize: Apply image rotation if present in metadata header

Release Notes for version 2020-09-03-1600 in branch 'master':

  • Add webp image format in CDN image browser dialog
  • Dependency version bump in image lambda fn

Release Notes for version 2020-09-01-0645 in branch 'test':

  • ViewFilter in all views
  • Select-All (+delete) function in submitted forms view

Release Notes for version 2020-08-20-1815 in branch 'master'

  • HTTP2 support in CloudFront Distributions.
  • Support for imageprofiles in imported package files.
  • Fix delete variable in settings page.
  • Adjust dark mode colors in file upload dialog.
  • Fix for image resize height

Release Notes for version 2020-08-10-0830 in branch 'master':

  • Dark mode theme for webinterface

Release Notes for version 2020-08-04-1000 in branch 'master':

  • CacheControl selection field added to UI in file uploader
  • CacheControl selection field added to 'image upload and resize' profiles
  • CacheControl selection field added to online file editor (js/css)

Release Notes for version 2020-07-31-1200 in branch 'master':

  • New feature: Image upload and resize profiles with new image upload function in file explorer and in page editor
  • Added Cache-Control headers to: RSS-Feed-Generator, Sitemap-Generator, S3 file editor, S3 file upload
  • Mouse-over hint for eye-icons in settings page
  • Fix typo in PUG hint

Release Notes for version '2020-07-21-0940' in branch 'master'

  • Prevent saving a page without path or title
  • Removed unnecessary option in CloudFormation FullInstall template

Release Notes for Version 2020-07-16-1040 in branch 'master'

  •     License links fixed
  •     Disable warnOnUnload while not logged in to prevent popup when using IdP login

Release Notes for Version 2020-07-02-1645 in branch 'master'

  •     Include app title in browser window title
  •     Fix viewfilter when column value is null
  •     Added selection boxes in various views with delete action

Release Notes for Version 2020-07-01-1630 in branch 'master'

  • Fix for AWS-Region in frontend buildspec

Release Notes for Version 2020-06-26-0549 in branch 'master'

  • Hour format changed to 24h in file explorer
  • 'Include' Typo fixed in Layout edit form
  • Forms UI improved

Release Notes for Version 2020-06-22-1700 in branch 'master'

  • First public release

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