Upgrade build container for nodejs16

When you install or update CloudeeCMS, it uses a CodePipeline to build and deploy backend lambda functions and the frontend Angular interface.
If your CloudeeCMS instance was installed before version 2023-05-12, the build container still uses nodejs12 when building backend and frontend code.

In order to support building newer Angular and backend npm library versions (which require a newer nodejs version to compile) it's recommended to upgrade nodejs12 to nodejs16 in the build project of CloudeeCMS.

This does not affect how the website is served, CodePipeline and CodeBuild are only required to build and deploy a new version of the CloudeeCMS Angular frontend/backend when you install CloudeeCMS or chose to upgrade to a new version.

Action required?

  • If you have installed CloudeeCMS using CloudeeCMS CloudFormation template version 2023-05-12 or newer, you already have nodejs16 in your build container and no action is required.
  • If you have installed CloudeeCMS using CloudFormation template before 2023-05-12, you should follow the steps outlined below to upgrade the environment settings in your CodePipeline

Upgrade instructions

Log in to the AWS console (web UI) and open CloudFormation.

Locate the CloudeeCMS stack in the stacks list of CloudFormation. Do not select the "-backend" stack! You can find the correct stack by looking at the description column which should contain "CloudeeCMS Auto Deployment Full Installation..." or "CloudeeCMS Auto Deployment Custom Installation...".

Open the stack and click the "update" button:

In the update screen, select "replace current template" and "upload a template file".

It's important to select the same template type (full vs. custom) in order to upgrade existing resources properly.

After uploading the new CF template, navigate to the next screen, you will see the configuration fields of your existing stack. Do not change anything, just continue with "next".
Click next again until you get to the "Review" page where you have to tick a checkbox at the very bottom to confirm "create IAM resources".

By clicking "submit" your CloudeeCMS stack will be updated. This will take some time.

Verify updated stack

Once the stack has been updated, you can verify if the update went well by opening CodeBuild.

In the build projects list, locate your "$INSTANCE_NAME"-buildproject-frontend (or backend) and open it.

In the build project click the "Edit" button and select "Environment" from the dropdown list.

Your environment should now use the image "aws/codebuild/standard:6.0" which supports nodejs16.

Note: Versions older than 2023-05-12 will no longer build in this BuildContainer setup, because nodejs12 engine is no longer available in the build image. Upgrade to the latest CloudeeCMS version of master branch, which no longer requires a fixed nodejs version.